Luang Prabang 2017 - Maison Dala Bua

Our 2nd hotel during the trip was Maison Dala Bua - a boutique hotel towards the Southern side of town. It is around 500m from the Night Market. The hotel has 26 rooms and an in-house spa.

Maison Dala Bua is famed for its Unesco Heritage-listed lotus pond - which is truly stunning day or night and lends its beauty to the hotel compound. The pond and garden are its main attraction - but the resort design itself is also laid back and elegant. The style of the buildings is modern-vernacular - with pitch roofs and warm timber columns and beams, and tasteful traditional decorations throughout.

There are several room options at the hotel - and we occupied a 1st floor deluxe room with a high ceiling and a generous balcony overlooking the swimming pool - which is a welcome relief from the warm tropical weather after a long day of walking around town.


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