Luang Prabang 2017 - Night Market

The main street in Luang Prabang - Sisavangvong Road, which fronts the Royal Palace - becomes pedestrianized in the evenings and transform into the Night Market. If you have been to a few Asian towns - you know the scene - hundreds of small stalls crowded together - many selling the same items. These night markets seem to share the same suppliers. 

There are some gems to be found though. Luang Prabang produces some of the best weaved fabrics in South-East Asia -  with colourful, intricate and beautiful patterns. Good ones are not cheap - but well worth the price due to the immense skill and arduous labour involved. Wood carvings are another interesting find.

Towards the Southern end of the Market - the focus shifts to food. In the narrow Ounheun Street right next to the Royal Palace - you will find many stalls selling ready-to-eat local dishes - some in a buffet style where you can pick and choose from a dizzying variety of dishes. There are also lots of stalls selling BBQ chicken etc. Freshly blended fruit smoothies are a popular item at the Market - they are cheap and delicious.  


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