Kuala Lumpur 2018 - Chocha Foodstore

Chinatown in KL has been going through a renaissance over the past few years and trendy cafes, galleries and eateries continue to crop up here and there. One of the pioneers in this revitalization is Chocha Foodstore which was opened in 2016 by 3 partners - an architect and 2 interior designers. The venue is a retro cafe that made great use of the existing character of the building - which has gone through a sensitive restoration process.  

Many of the existing structures are left intact and in their original condition - albeit cleaned up for its new purpose. Some of the wall tiles were stripped off to review the mortar - where on other walls new retro tiles are added to create a nostalgic ambiance. New structures and partitions are sensitive to the old structure - creating a harmonious marriage between the new and the old. 

The menu consists of mainly modernized versions of Asian comfort food - you will find items like Cincalok fried Chicken, Duck Confit Rice, Kerabu Mango Rojak and Crispy Chili Squid. Prices are a bit upscale compared to more traditional shops. 

As we were there for pre-dinner snacks, we ordered a couple of items to share. This is their version of shredded chicken with sambal sauce. The sauce was tangy, spicy and quite tasty.

The second item we ordered was a herb salad with dried shrimps. The dressing had nice hints of shrimp oil, and the crispy baby shrimps were addictive.


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