Bangkok 2017 - The Golden Mount

Just outside the Rattanakosin old town area of Bangkok you will find The Golden Mount – a small hill with a temple at the top. This is one of the hidden gems of Bangkok – as the temple is seldom visited by tourists even though it is one of the oldest in Bangkok.

To get up to the temple you have to climb 344 steps. It sounds daunting but is actually a fairly easy climb. The path is well shaded by trees and along the way, there are some interesting small attractions to keep you occupied.

Once you reach the top of the hill, you will arrive at the base of the temple. Go inside and will find some interesting statues of the Buddha. 

Look for the stairs to the roof terrace and get up to the top. Here you will be rewarded with the 360-degree view of Bangkok. As there are not many people, you get to enjoy the views in peace and quiet – quite a luxury in busy Bangkok city.


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