Kuala Lumpur - Lot 10 Rooftop Garden

Besides the transformation in the basement, Lot 10 is also undergoing a major change internally. While I was there recently, I saw some workmen hanging lots of giant cubes in the atrium. I believe these cubes would eventually be suspended in the atrium, and they look like some kind of video installation. Should be exciting !

If you have the time, head to the Lot 10 Rooftop Garden. It's not easy to find - you have to take the lift to Level 7, then use the escalator at the car park to get up there. The garden is like a green oasis in the city - a great concept. It is not very big, but very well designed. There are vertical planted walls on some of the buildings which add further visual attraction. If you are tired of all that concrete in Bukit Bintang, come here for a nice break.

A serene green space in the middle of the City.

Some of the lushly planted vertical gardens. Pioneered by French botanist Patrick Blanc, this system of planting has taken over the landscape and architectural world by storm. I first saw this in Siam Paragon - a shopping centre in Bangkok.

Within a small space, they have managed to fit in quite a lot of functions. There is the Actor's Studio which have found a new home here, a fitness gym, a dance club, and a high-end brasserie called Teeq. I will definitely check it out on the next visit.


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