Bali 2010 - Going to Bali and an example of Malaysia Boleh !

Thanks to Air Asia, getting to Bali is no longer such an expensive affair. In fact I've seen blogs where they bragged about doing a 4D/3N trip to Bali - inclusive of airfare and accommodation - for under RM 1,000 per person. That is amazing !

Our last trip to Bali (me and the Mrs in September) almost didn't happen. When we arrived at the check-in counter, we were told that we couldn't go - as my Mrs' passport was a few days short of the required 6 months validity. The ground staff told us travelers to Indonesia had been sent back with just 1 day short - they are that strict, so it wasn't worth the risk.

With the demise of the trip flashing in our heads, we had to quickly figure out what to do. Frankly I was a bit dazed and incapacitated for a few minutes. Our only chance was to renew the passport at Putrajaya - the nearest immigration office. Luckily we were early to the check-in and had a bit of time.

The taxi trip to Putra Jaya took about 40 mins, we got to the Immigration Office and was told that the passport department had moved to a new place a few kilometres away - not a good sign. Got on another taxi and quickly reach the place - luckily there weren't too many people. We told the officers our predicament and they were very helpful and promised to do their best. The good sign was a banner promising to complete a passport within 1 hour - there is hope ! Once the documentation was done we sat and wait, and guess what ? The passport was ready in under 40 minutes - what a great job ! The Immigration Department is indeed a shining example of what Malaysians can achieve when we get serious.

Our original flight to Bali was supposed to be 9:00 a.m. which we missed. We had to pay a cancellation charge and top-up the fare - came up to an additional RM 500 for 2 persons - not too bad. We managed to get on the 11.00 a.m. flight, and arrived in Bali exactly 2 hours after the original schedule. When I saw Ngurah Rai Airport I was ecstatic - we finally made it !

A familiar sight as you exit the airport. Unfortunately our driver was late.


Iris said…
Great read.. I have been there this September.. Bali is hell of a beautiful place!! Would love to go there again and again...
8 days of adventure in bali
a good place for travel!
looking forward someday I able to go such beautiful visit spot!
Anonymous said…
Can you please provide the name and e-mail address of your driver? Is the rate charged by him reasonable?
Wow, Immigration Department, for the win!

Air Asia, on the other hand, sucks. They made you pay 500 more ringgit just to catch the next flight? Jeez, Louise!

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