Bali 2010 - Alila Uluwatu Villas

The new generation of luxury resorts in Bali are ultra-exclusive and very design-oriented. One of the prime examples is Alila Uluwatu. Heralded as the latest Sustainable Luxury Resort in Bali, Alila Uluwatu was built using mostly local materials to reduce its carbon footprint and its impact on the local environment. Even the landscaping was done using mostly local native plants. This resort was on the top of my to-do list in Bali this trip.

The architects are WOHA from Singapore. Borrowing heavily from Carlo Scarpa, they have created a design that is simple in planning, yet very rich and stylish in details. The basic forms are rectilinear, augmented by careful detailing to give depth to the structures. Courtyards, sun-screens and gazebos are designed to catch the light and provide visual interest, besides serving as tranquil hideaways for the guests.

As with many Bali high-end resorts, the location is purposely remote and difficult to find. This small road seemed to go on forever before you reach the resort.

The main entrance porch - typically understated, except that here you have a whole coterie of hotel staff to greet you upon arrival.

The spectacular design of the resort.

Looking back at the lobby.

The famous hanging pavilion over the main pool.

The villa - understated luxury is the order of the day here.

The Alila Uluwatu is a resort which once you arrive, you don’t want to leave. The rates start at around USD 650 per night, so it is not cheap to enjoy such luxury - but it is definitely worth the money for the location, spectacular design, exclusivity and service. I would definitely stay here if I could afford it !


Nilcha said…
hi there...
been to bali as well recently..
alila uluwatu is like WOW!
but i also like the tirtha luhur in uluwatu... been there?
Nilcha said…
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