Bali 2010 - The Rani Hotel and Spa

For our first 2 nights in Bali we wanted to stay in the Kuta area not so much for the Kuta scene but more for convenience. We chose a hotel at a quieter corner of Kuta on Jalan Kartika Plaza. The Rani Hotel and Spa is a 2 year old hotel that is managed by Bali Rani - a more established hotel also on the same road. The Rani is smaller and more modern in design. The lobby is just off the street, and the coffee house and lounge are part of the whole lobby space. There is a small bar further back, and then the swimming pool.

The rooms are on a 5-storey C-shaped block which wrap around the pool. A small lift provide access to all the floors. The spa is located on the 4th Floor. The room is of a standard layout and quite spacious. For a new hotel there is surprisingly quite a high degree of wear and tear - but on the whole not unpleasant.

The main entrance off Jalan Kartika Plaza.

The lobby and coffeehouse.

The accommodation block wrapping around the pool.

The room - basic but spacious.

The Rani Hotel and Spa is a nice place to stay if you want to be close to where the action is and yet have a quiet place to return to after a long day. The spa is one of the best along Jalan Kartika Plaza and reasonably priced. A good choice in the Kuta area.


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