Bali 2010 - Ku De Ta

Having missed out on Ku De Ta on all my previous visits to Bali, this time I made it a point to go there. I’ve read about the expensive drinks and overpriced menu on many blogs, so decided to go just for drinks.

After so many years in operation, Ku De Ta remains the coolest night spot in Bali. This year they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary. Started by an Australian entrepreneur, Ku De Ta is actually an entertainment complex offering lounge areas, bar areas, and dining. They have added a 1st floor lounge area next to the beach for even better views at sunset.

When night falls, all the rich and beautiful in Bali gather at this trendy outpost to soak in the gold -gilded and diamond encrusted atmosphere. When we were there, the placed was packed. All the lounge chairs were taken, and there was standing room only on the deck next to the beach. The view of the sunset from here is truly beautiful, and I can see the attraction of very this cool but expensive establishment.

The centre courtyard is where a lot of the popular events are held.

The bar and dining areas.

Main entrance to the ultra-chic club.

There is no entry charge for Ku De Ta, so if you are interested just to take a look I would recommend that you make a quick round and leave. Otherwise order up one of the cocktails which are quite nice. Avoid the food as most items are overpriced, unless you have a millionaire’s pockets. A meal here will easily cost you twice of what you pay your guide for the whole day. You can find much better value elsewhere.


h said…
Nice review. How about the dress code at night? Can still wear shorts and slippers?


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