Bali 2010 - Kuta

Every time I go to Bali, I like to start off at the Kuta area to catch the Bali buzz. The touristy and kitschy nature of Kuta may be a put-off to some, but to me it is very enjoyable and part of the fun of a trip to Bali. The problem is that nowadays the Kuta area is often mired in traffic gridlock. A trip from the airport which used to take 10 minutes now takes much longer, and if you leave your hotel at the wrong time you can be caught in the jam and fume in frustration. There goes the sunset at Uluwatu !

Our hotel in Kuta is on Jalan Kartika Plaza which is at the quieter end of Kuta area. Still the street is chock-a-block with hotels, restaurants, massage parlours, shops and cafes. Discovery Mall - still the largest shopping centre in Bali, is in the middle of this road, so is the the Bali Waterbom (a water theme park) - one of the big tourist attractions. Because the F&B outlets around here are mostly cafes and restaurants and not pubs and bars, it manage to avoid the rowdiness and chaos of the main Kuta Beach and Kuta Road.

Jalan Kartika Plaza early morning. Kids are going to school.

Getting ready for school.

Early morning snacks. In the lower photo is a popular local snack "keropok" - fish chips. In the bags are fermented shrimps - a sourish condiment which go well with the chips.

Discovery Mall - the biggest shopping centre in Bali. A great place to shop for souvenirs - but prices are much higher then elsewhere so be warned. The quality is much better though.

Kuta Beach Road.

The famous Kuta Beach.


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