Hong Kong 2010 - Nathan Hotel

Being one of the busiest financial centres in the World, accommodation in Hong Kong is not cheap. The average 5 star hotel would cost upwards of RM 1,000 a night, and the better ones even more. For tourists on a budget, the choice is usually down to 4 or 3 star hotels. After a fair bit of searching on the Net, I found a hotel which is reasonably priced (by Hong Kong standards), very well located and comes with good recommendations on Trip Advisor. It's a 4 star (more like 3 1/2) hotel on Nathan Road - called simply Nathan Hotel.

During our visit, the hotel was undergoing some renovations and part of the lobby was cordoned off. The lobby is quite small but well appointed. The room was a surprise - nicely decorated and very spacious. It was more then we had hoped for and great for 2 adults and 2 kids.

The best thing about the hotel is the location which is right in the centre of action in Kowloon. All the shopping areas, night markets, dai pai tongs are nearby. In fact Temple Street is just across the road.

The hotel exterior is nothing to shout about.

Entrance is quite nice, just off Nathan Road.

Small but cosy lobby.

And the room - spacious and quite nicely decorated.

Our stay at Nathan Hotel was very pleasant. It is good value at a great location.


Thanks; I'm glad you liked it!

Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate. Yes I enjoyed staying at your hotel !

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