Eating in Kuching - Dinner at The Carvery

The Carvery has been around for many years and is still the only Churrascaria style restaurant in town. They also have an a la carte menu, but most people go for the Churrascaria buffet which includes a salad bar, a small cooked food spread and of course the main attraction – the roast meats. Lunch and dinner is the same except that for lunch you get less choices of meat, but it’s cheaper. For dinner you get about 12 types of meat, including some seafood items.

The Carvery is located in Pending, an industrial area to the north of Kuching Town. It is an odd place for a restaurant, but that doesn’t deter diners who like their meat. It is very popular, and do make a booking if you are going in a big group.

The standards have been maintained over the years, and the salad bar is quite impressive by Kuching standards. You get nice fresh greens, plump baby tomatoes, and some nice cold salads and cold cuts. The restaurant is pork-free so you won't get real ham or bacon.

Some of the salads.

The cooked section is less interesting, but some items are great for the kids - like the pasta, fried rice, sauted vegies, etc.

The roast meats are really good. Tender, flavourful and grilled perfectly, they are all delicious. And the good thing is you can always ask for more ! From memory these are the meat they served - grilled chicken wings, lamb chops, leg of lamb, grilled lamb shoulder, beef rump, sirloin, smoked beef, braised beef ribs, chicken saltimbocca, grilled squids, battered fish, etc.

Unlike a traditional buffet where you have to go and get the food, here the food is brought to your table - very convenient and somewhat decadent ! This place is great for special occasions like birthdays or small company dinners.


I prefer My Restaurant (I like my pork!). I do like the bread there at Carvery.
Kong-Kay said…
I don't recall seeing such a nice serving of meat and all the last time I was there.
Borneoboy said…
The beef and lamb are really good. Especially the leg of lamb !

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