Hong Kong 2010 - Temple Street Night Market

If you have traveled around Asia, chances are you have been to a few night markets. Whether they are in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Chiang Mai or Hong Kong, they are all about the same – makeshift stalls lined up on the road sides selling mostly goods of dubious quality or usefulness. Still that doesn’t stop me from visiting the Temple Street Night Market in Kowloon. I like seeing the hustle and bustle of people – tourists looking for that perfect souvenir or locals looking for that ultimate bargain. I seldom end up buying anything – it’s the sights and sounds which I enjoy the most.

These look really delicious ! They are actually tiny fridge magnets. Wish I had bought some while I was there. Now I have to go back to Hong Kong to get them.

They also come in key chains.

Hello Kitty - still popular after all these years.

Lots of bling.

Lighters - a perennial favourite at night markets everywhere.

Cheap paintings.

Fake guns - who actually buy these things ?


Those fridge magnets are something I didn't see the last time I was in Hong Kong. Cute! Yeah, you should've bought some.
Borneoboy said…
Yes I should have. Now I have to go back to Hong Kong to get them !
Anonymous said…
What is your favorite loons for walking around street photography? Your pictures are really great.
Anonymous said…
Lens I meant.

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