Hong Kong 2010 - Long Time No See !

The last time I visited Hong Kong was about 4 years back. It is good to be back - this time with my family. The main purpose of this trip is to bring my kids to Disneyland, but when you are in Hong Kong food is also definitely on top of the list. Before we went, I had made a list of all the food places to go – but when you are traveling with kids plans usually go haywire. Still we had a great time and also burnt a big hole in the pocket – things in Hong Kong are not cheap !

Hong Kong hasn’t changed much since the last visit. HK Island and the Kowloon area is already so overdeveloped, it is hard to imagine what else they can squeeze in there. Walking on the streets of HK and Kowloon, the energy of the people is so visible – it is unlike any place else.

The streets of Kowloon.

At night the neon signs light up the streets in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Hong Kong Island. A concrete jungle - yet strangely human at the same time.


Sedat Kurtulus said…
Once again, a cool article.
Borneoboy said…
Hi. Thanks for your visit.
I always get claustrophobia when I'm in Hong Kong - the concrete jungle really presses in on me. I didn't get that sense in Singapore, Tokyo, or New York City. Anyway, looking forward to your HK series!
Hong Kong is a fascinating country in Asia and there are so many places to visit it’s difficult to see which the best places to visit and how to go their exciting places. Some of the best places in Hong Kong are Victoria peak, Macau casinos, sand beaches and many other great historical places over there.
Sedat Kurtulus said…
borneoboy : Hi. It's my pleasure... Thanks for sharing your story.

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