Eating in Kuching - Buffet Dinner at Cafe Majestic

Café Majestic is the all-day-dining outlet at Riverside Majestic Hotel – one of the major hotels in Kuching besides Hilton, Holiday Inn (since re-branded as Grand Margherita) and now Pullman. They serve a very popular Japanese Buffet on Wednesdays and Saturdays which is usually packed. Recently the Café was closed for a few months to undergo a much needed revamp, and re-opened in July. I must say the new look is much better – open, modern and up-to-date. The only flaw is some of the chairs are too big and take up a lot more space then necessary. The new buffet area is much bigger, almost occupying a third of the space.

The spacious buffet area.

Though the buffet is themed Japanese – this being Kuching there are lots of mix-and match. The sushi-counter takes its pride of place at the centre and is no-doubt the most popular. There are also lots of cooked food on offer. Desert was never the biggest strength of Café Majestic, and sadly they haven’t improved much in this department.

The night we went, the shashimi was superb – generous servings and extremely fresh. Towards the later part of the evening the quality dropped dramatically, I think they ran out of the better stuff and were serving sub-par fish. So if you want the good stuff and want to avoid the queues, go early. They start at 6.30 p.m.

The stars of the evening would easily be – tuna, salmon and butterfish shashimi, hand rolls (temaki), California rolls, chawan mushi, teriyaki chicken wings and grilled beef steaks.

If you are a frequent diner, join the Prestige Club which entitles you to free dining vouchers and great discounts at Riverside Majestic Hotel, Grand Margherita and also Damai Beach Hotel.


Good tip on the club membership. We should check it out.
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate and Annie. You do need to pay for the Prestige Club Membership - around RM 400 if I remember correctly. But you get complimentary room vouchers, free dining vouchers and room and dining discounts every time you use the card. I think its really good value if you plan to dine a lot at the 3 hotels.
Anonymous said…
umm execuse me, bt can i hav any information about the price rates for the buffet dinner?? For weekend nights. pls and thank you
Nicole Phun said…
Hi... May tel me more about the Prestige Club? Got any website?
Anonymous said…
Bru first saye dan family g majestic riverside kuching sarawak....

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