Eating in Kuching - Hui Sing Hawker Centre

Anyone in Kuching over the age of 40 (I've just given away my age haven't I !) would remember Palm Road Hawker Centre with fondness. It used to be the most popular hawker centre in town, and was swamped with people every night looking for good and cheap food. Basically a roll of tin-shades built over a wide storm drain, you don’t go there for the atmosphere or the view. Being an unlicensed and illegal venue, it was also frowned upon by the authorities - but it’s popularity with the public shielded it from sterner action.

Part of the big attraction was also the convenience - you could park (illegally) on the roadside right next to the hawker centre. From where you sit, you could easily see if the traffic cops decided to come for a visit. In all my countless times patronizing the place, there were only 2 occasions when the cops came, and both times we were able to move the cars away to safety from the summonses.

Flash-forward to the present - today the Palm Road Hawker Centre is no more. In fact it had been moved away many years back (probably more then 15 years but it has always remained stuck in my mind), and most of the hawkers are now at the Hui Sing Hawker Centre. Fortunately the flavours that we used to love so much has been preserved, and today you can still order the famous Chung Hua No. 4 (Chong Kee) Char Kueh Tiaw or Crispy Noodles with Tomato Sauce (Keoh Chap Mee), the Ah Meng Matterhorn or Ice Kacang, and the delicious Hap Cheng Hian pork satay. There's also great Char Kueh (fried radish cakes) and fried noodles with bean sprouts and cockles (Tau Geh Kueh Tiaw kay Hum Bah).

My favourite stalls - Ah Meng Ice Kacang, Chong Kee Fried Noodles, and Hap Chen Hian Satay.

Chong Kee's boss has been consistently turning out great fried noodles all these years.

The famous Ah Meng Matterhorn - something so simple has no right to be so delicious ! Just a combination of shaved ice, longans, chendol, grass jelly and lemon. So refreshing !

Ah Meng Ice Kacang.

Chong Kee Keoh Chap Mee.

Hap Chen Hian pork satays.

Char Kueh - savoury type.

Char Kueh - sweet type.

Hui Sing Hawker Centre has remained one of the best in Kuching over the years and if you are after great tasting hawker food you can't go wrong here. They are open everyday except Chinese New Year.


We've visited a few times. Always get the satay. Will look out for the char kway teow next time!
Borneoboy said…
You must try the dry Char Kueh Tiaw. Its a classic !
Unknown said…
This Hawker Centre opens at what time?

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