Dinner at Buenas Filipino Lechon & Restaurant in Bintulu

There is a very small Philippino community in Kuching, and probably an even smaller one in Bintulu – the 4th largest town in Sarawak famous for its natural gas industry. Imagine my surprise when I came across this Philippino restaurant there during a recent visit. What was even more surprising was the whole roast pig on display. We just found our place for dinner !

The roast pig on display was really enticing.

The restaurant has quite a long menu, but we decided to settle on the Philippino staples. We order the roast pig, a crispy prata (deep fried pork knuckle), a stirfried kangkong and some prawns.

First up the roast pig. It was a bit of a disappointment. The skin was not crispy – probably sitting on the shelf too long. The meat was also a bit dry and bland. It needed some sauce to boost the flavour.

The crispy prata fared much better. The skin was crispy from the deepfrying, and the meat was still tender. Eaten with the vinegar sauce – this is pork heaven.

The kangkong was good - crunchy and tasty. Also a little bit sweet as they like to add sugar in Philippino style cooking.

The sweet and sour prawns were not bad - tasted a bit like assam prawns.

Buenas Filipino Lechon & Restaurant is located near the Parkcity Mall in the Parkcity Commercial Centre. It is very easy to locate.


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