Hong Kong 2010 - Temple Street Dai Pai Tongs

Most Hong Kongites would tell you that the best places to eat in Hong Kong are not the 3-star restaurants but actually the Dai Pai Tongs - small roadside establishments that have been a hallmark of HK dining since time immemorial. The authorities are always trying to clean up these popular eating places as they deem these unhygienic and incompatible with the modern image of HK, but many have stubbornly held on to their turf and more importantly - they are as popular as ever with locals as well as the expats and visitors.

One of the most popular Dai Pai Tong areas is at Temple Street in Kowloon. Here you find tons of outlets running from sizable shops to tiny holes in the wall, with the dining tables spilling onto the streets at night. Amid the smell, activities and chaos of the Temple Street Night Market, having a meal here is one of the best ways to sample the “real” Hong Kong. As Hong Kong is an island and in fertile fishing ground, the emphasis here is on seafood. You can get anything from crabs, prawns, oysters and squids to sea cucumbers and abalone. The variety is endless as long as you are willing to pay. Go with a local or you may be slaughtered.

The choice is endless. How to make up your mind ?

Enticing "Lou Wei" - cooked meat and sausages and tripe usually served cold.

After you have had your fill on the "Main Courses", there are also lots of desserts to try.


Sedat Kurtulus said…
I always like asian style dinners. Fast but not Fast-Food. By the way; I die for seafood.
Wen said…
After reading your post, I really miss HK Dai Pai Tong, every dishes filled with so much "wok hei"!
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