Hong Kong 2010 - A Taoist Festival

Behind the modern no-nonsense façade of Hong Kong is a society steeped in tradition. Many Hong Kongites are deeply religious and superstitious. Fung Shui is taken very seriously here and is believed to make or break entire business empires. Even famous foreign architects who may never have heard of "Fung Shui" in their life would need to take heed of its requirements when working here. Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism are the major religions, and you don’t need to go far to find a temple as there are more then 600 in the small territory.

After our dim sum lunch at Maxim’s, we bumped into this Taoist festival right in front of the Old Town Hall. The bright red attire of the Taoist priests was a shock to the mostly grey and monotone Hong Kong skyline.

I don't know what these were - they look like mini-temples, probably offerings to the gods. Their intricate designs and bright colours attracted a lot of attention.

There was a ceremony at another corner - presided over by a priestess in a bright pink and blue robe.

This was an unexpected treat which added some colours to our trip.


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