Eating in Mukah - Daffodil Cafe

On my many trips to Mukah I am always impressed by the quality of the food here, though there are only a few restaurants in town. Even some of the local coffeeshops are very good – serving good food and even good coffee. Also, because it is a coastal town, seafood is fresh, cheap and plentiful. Food-wise, you are definitely well taken care of in Mukah.

Daffodil Cafe is just like any typical coffee shop in Malaysia. It only has one stall which turns out all kinds of noodles, and a kitchen at the back for more elaborate fare.

The noodles are generally good, but the best thing I've had here is the "Chau Chai Bee Hoon" - a Foochow noodle cooked with preserved sour and salty vegies. Normally served with fish slices, here they use freshly made fish cakes and have added tomatoes. The soup is fresh fish stock, and slightly tangy from the "Chau Chai" and tomatoes - very tasty and appetizing.

They also have very nice curry puffs and yam cakes, only when the boss’ mum is around to make them.

Kingwood Hotel - the best hotel in town currently, serve a more deluxe version of the "Chau Chai Bee Hoon" with huge prawns. It is also very tasty.


Oh I must look for a recipe for the chau chai bee hoon, looks fantastic!
Borneoboy said…
Yes its very nice ! I like the tanginess of the Chau Chai. In fact the best Chau Chai Beehoon I've ever had was in Kapit many years ago. Still remember it to this day.
I tried some of this soup noodle in Sibu recently. Interesting. I think it's an acquired taste, but it shouldn't take too long to acquire it.

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