Mukah Kueh Spit Factory

I go to Mukah about once a month for work. It is a small coastal town in the middle of Sarawak – famous for its "umai" (a raw fish preparation), sago in its different edible forms (flour, beads and "tebaloi"-a kind of sago biscuit), and also surprisingly “Kueh Spit” – a popular local snack that can be found in many parts of Malaysia.

“Kueh Spit” is basically love letters – a rolled biscuit that is very light and crispy. The ingredients are very simple – flour, sugar, eggs and coconut milk. The batter is baked in a special Kueh Spit mould – two pieces of round iron plates which are heated over charcoal and pressed together to flatten and cook the batter. Nowadays more often then not gas is used. Once the batter is cooked, it is taken out while it’s hot and soft, and rolled into a love letter with a stick. Some of the moulds have patterns which create beautiful impressions on the biscuits.

The Mukah version is very good – unusually crispy and tastes of fresh coconut and eggs. I think this is because ingredients are very fresh and the batter is very thin - there are lots more layers in the roll, giving it the extra crunchiness.

The best ones come from a home-based bakery. It is a bit out of town along the road to Oya, another small coastal town not far from Mukah. Ask around and most locals will be able to point you in the right direction.

Mukah Love Letters. They don't look like much, but are really delicious !


I love love letters! Wish I could try some of these.

Had the opportunity to try some Mukah-style umai recently. Addictive!

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