Eating in Kuching - Macam Macam Ada Buffet

Every year Orchid Garden café at the Grand Margherita Hotel (formerly Kuching Holiday Inn) put up a massive buffet called “Macam Macam Ada” during the month of Ramadhan. This is modeled after some of the buffets in Kuala Lumpur which strive to break all records as far as quantity of food is concerned, though not necessarily quality. While the one in Kuching may not beat its KL cousins, the quantity and variety of food on offer is still mind-boggling.

The buffet stretches beyond the normal café location into the poolside pavilion which is quite a large event space by itself. It was still packed ! There’s Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Middle-Eastern, Indonesian, Indian, BBQ, and for me the biggest attraction – Penang Hawker Food.

Surprisingly for such a big event, the food is not bad. The kitchen was able to churn out quite nice tasting items, and even the cold salad bar was good – there were plenty of large juicy cooked prawns for the taking. The BBQ section was also worth a visit – best were the grilled squid and prawns – and the grilled mini-steaks were surprisingly tender.

There was a roasted whole lamb - but by the time we got there this was what's left of it.

The Ice Kacang stall was pretty good.

The Penang Hawker Food section was actually manned by hawkers from Penang – and all the dishes tasted really good and authentic – especially the Assam Laksa and Penang Prawn Mee.

The buffet is not cheap – at RM 79 ++ per person and half price for children. If you have the budget thought it is worth it just for the experience. The special Buffet will end on 9th September just before Raya, so hurry !


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