Kuching Happenings - Building a Habitat House

Habitat for Humanity International is an non-governmental, non-profit organization devoted to building simple, affordable houses for the poor. The houses are built with donated materials and mostly volunteer labour, and sold back to the homeowners at no profit through an affordable long-term loan. The proceeds are used to build more homes.

Habitat has a very active chapter in Kuching, and recently a group of architects, architectural students and their family took part in a half-day volunteer building session at a house site in Batu Kawa which is in the outskirt of Kuching. We spent the half day doing brickwork and concreting. It was back-breaking work for a bunch of urbanites not used to manual labour, but everyone persevered and all were quite happy with the small progress we made on the house.

You mix the cement, I'll do the concreting.

Make sure the brick walls are straight !

More concrete here please.

The small kids were especially tough and inspiring, and did more then their share of the work.

The house is not finished yet, but we are very hungry ! Will come back another time. Promise !


Norris Thomas said…
good job...always help other..and god will bless you more and more..

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