Streets of Macau

The last time I went to Macau was ages ago. At the time it was considered the backwaters to Hong Kong - famous for the Lisbao Hotel and Casino and not much else. Most people would make a side trip there if they are in Hong Kong, spend a few hours and then rush back to the big city and bright lights. But actually Macau has lots more to offer. As a Portuguese colony, Macau has its share of colourful history and heritage.

Recently we spent a few days in Macau on a family holiday. Being a compact city, Macau is quite family-friendly. Most of the historical attractions are on the main island, and it is quite easy to walk everywhere. They also have an excellent bus service which circles the island, making this the best option to get around. Taxis are also convenient and cheap compared to Hong Kong. Just get a good map and you are all set to explore the city.

Although Macau has seen lot of new developments in hotels and casino, the main parts still feel and look the same. It always remind me of Kowloon with its endless highrise tenaments and small shops. Most of the buildings are very old and shabby, but you can feel the life and pulse of the city coursing through the streets, and that is what am most interested in.

Life goes on in the streets of Macau.

Parts of the city haven't changed much.

These tenaments are where most Macanese live.

The best way to see Macau is to walk around. There are still many unknown little corners waiting to be explored.


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