Eating in Macau - First Dinner

After a long first day in Macau, we were feeling really tired and hungry. We looked around for a place for dinner and found this little eating place near our hotel. What attracted us was the sign saying "Nice Coffee" outside. The Chinese name means "Tasty Place".

Besides the usual tourist areas, Macau is not exactly a food haven and it is not easy to find a good and convenient place to eat. So my advise is if you see a nice place grab your meal there and move on as it is often difficult to backtrack.

This place is tiny but it is nice and clean. It was run by a Cambodian Chinese lady. The menu was really extensive - there must have been more then 50 items in there, all the way from typical Asian fare to pasta. This is usually not a good sign, but we had already sat down at the table. This was what we had.

Noodle with Egg Omelette. The noodle is like the typical wanton noodle, but seasoned with a bit of soy sauce. The omelette is filled with lots of spring onions. The whole package is quite simple, but tasty.

We ordered this udon with fish balls for the kids. The fish balls were filled with cheese - a Macau specialty which the kids enjoyed. The soup was a bit bland.

The best was this Meehoon with Minced Pork and Oysters. The minced pork was very fresh and had a nice texture. The oyster gave it some extra flavour boost, and look at the amount of garlic flakes ! Very nice, simple comfort food.


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