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Bangkok 2017 - Em Quartier

Lifestyle Malls are the rage in Bangkok and they are cropping up everywhere in the City. Bangkok is now without a doubt the Mall Capital in Asia. One of the most posh is Em Quartier - a development by The Mall Group - one of Thailand's largest mall operators. This project is really quite amazing as it is a multi-storey mall filled top to bottom with F&B outlets.

The building looks very striking from the outside - but the inside is even more breath-taking, especially when you go past the sky garden on the 5th floor and enter into the exclusive dining zone - the Helix Quartier. From there a spiral ramp takes you through from floor to floor - like a winding street around a central atrium that is lined with restaurants and eateries.

Hanging from the roof of the atrium is a huge spiral sculpture covered with green plants - it really is quite striking and extremely impressive.

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