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Bali 2019 - Dinner at Hujan Locale, Ubud

Besides Chris Salans, there are several other expat chefs in Bali who are just as famous. One of them is Will Meyrick, who founded fine-dining restaurant Sarong and the more casual Mama San in Seminyak. Hujan Locale, his latest venture in the heart of Ubud, is a casual eatery serving warung -inspired Indonesian food, albeit taken up a few notches in terms of execution and presentation. The menu features traditional home-cooked dishes from across the Indonesian archipelago. Expect dishes like rendang, sop buntut (oxtail soup), satay etc. but made with more unusual ingredients. The restaurant is housed inside a 2 storey vintage building. Ground floor is set up more like a longe. Upstairs is the main dining space, which has a high pitched ceiling. Overall it has a South-East Asian Colonial vibe. A lot of diners raved about their complimentary snack – rempyek kacang – which is rice flour crackers with peanuts flavoured with lots of spices. They are served with a sambal hijau – green

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