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Bangkok 2017 - The Never Ending Summer

The Never Ending Summer is one of the key venues within The Jam Factory complex. A Thai restaurant housed within a beautiful old warehouse - this classy restaurant is meant to serve traditional Thai dishes which the founders love to eat - given a modern twist. 
Most of the existing walls and timber roof structure has been mostly left intact. The dining space is decorated with lots of green flowing ferns hanging from the roof or on the walls. The kitchen and dining area is separated only by a full-height glass wall - so you can see all the action inside. The overall ambiance is very chic and trendy.

The food is expertly prepared and beautifully presented. The dishes are supposedly the kind of recipes that Duangrit and his partners enjoyed while they were growing up in upper-class Bangkokian households. 

Among the dishes we ordered - the stand out was Ko Mu Yang - grilled Kurobuta pork collar. It was smokey, juicy and tasty - and the accompanying sauce provide a spicy kick.

The Thai Cr…

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