Eating in Macau - Ding Tai Fung ?

The main commercial centre of Macau is on the Peninsula facing the Outer Harbour. Dr. Sun Yat Sen Avenue runs along the Harbour, and several major roads branch out from here forming a rectangular city grid. Within this area you will find mostly office buildings and several major casinos such as MGM Macau, Wynn and Galaxy Star World. If you are looking for places here to eat, you are out of luck.

There are very few eating places off the streets - it seems like most of the eateries are either in the hotels or casinos. We came across this outlet which calls itself after the famous Taiwanese restaurant chain Ding Tai Fung. It even has "Taiwan" in brackets, in case you are wondering. The place looks very shabby compared to the outlets I have been to in Malaysia and Hong Kong. I did a search on the Ding Tai Fung global site and Macau was not listed there. I am wondering whether this is the genuine article.

Ding Tai Fung is famous for its dumplings and noodles. This place also list a large selection of these DTF staples. We ordered a few things to try.

The Xio Long Baos are quite good. The skin very thin, and inside its filled with very tasty morsels of pork and porky soup.

They even had these dumplings with pork and glutinous rice which are popular at DTFs. These are tasty but a bit filling.

We liked the dumpling soup very much, and even ordered a second. The soup really packs a punch - very savoury and rich, with bits of fried minced pork to give it extra flavour.

Pot-Stickers. Not bad, the skin was a bit thick and tough.

The food at this restaurant is not bad, but service is quite rude and the place is not very clean. Even asking for extra utensils got us a scorn from the waitress. I don't think this is the real thing, but I am dying to find out. Any Bloggers out there know ?


Norris said…
gosh!...mouth watering...makes me hungry man!
Anonymous said…
This Din Tai Feng in Macau is definitely a fake one.
Anonymous said…
Please check out this link ar Din Tai Fung official website:
Recently, there have been many responses from our supportive customers about disappointments in Toronto, Canada and Macau. We, hereby, declare that the Company [Din Tai Fung Restaurant Co. Ltd] has not set up business nor given out franchise in these countries mentioned above. They are identified as impostors, not part of Din Tai Fung restaurant chain. Furthermore, we herewith proclaim that Din Tai Fung has ceased the franchise of ShenZhen branches, as their quality could not keep up with the standard.

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