Macau - The Ruins of St. Paul's

From Senado Square, walk through some alleys following the signs and you will reach the Ruins of St. Paul's in no time. This is a structure which has been featured on countless Macau tourism brochures, but it is still a magnificent sight. Somehow ruins look more majestic then old buildings that are intact. Maybe it's because most of the parts are missing, and we have to fill in the gaps, and our imagination is usually more impressive then the real thing.

St. Paul's was built by the Jesuits in the 1,500s. At the time it was the largest Catholic church in Asia. The church was destroyed by a fire in 1835, and today only the front facade remains. According to Wikipedia, the intricate stonework of the facades were carved by Japanese Christians in exile from their homeland and local craftsmen. You will find some Asian motifs among the mostly Christian and European imagery. They have done a great job !

Looking back from St. Paul's.

St. Paul's was restored in the 90s and a museum was inserted into the crypt. It houses a small exhibition of religious art and sculptures.


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