Macau - A-Ma Temple

A-Ma Temple is the oldest temple in Macau. It was there even before the Portuguese arrived. Estimated at around 500 year old, the temple is one of the most important historical sites in Macau. The temple architecture is quite different from the ones I have seen before. The roof ornaments are more bold and abstract compared to the sweeping curves more common in Chinese temple design. This was the first stop on our adventure in Macau.

The temple is actually a large complex with several halls dedicated to different deities. Due to its hillside location, some of the buildings are built on terraces, and as you climb to the top you get a good view of Zhuhai - the Chinese province that is right next to Macau.

The interesting and unique temple architecture.

Lots of local devotees throng the temple.

Climbing to the top. There are many Chinese poems carved into the rocks.

View from the top.

We enjoyed our visit to A-Ma Temple, and maybe even got some blessings from the holy water. It is still part of the living culture in Macau, and well worth a visit.


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