Macau - Senado Square

Largo da Senado - Senado Square, is the famous square right in the historical centre of Macau. It is a square surrounded by handsome heritage buildings, and probably the most iconic site on the whole island. Full of visitors any time of the day, this is the most popular attraction in Macau and it is easy to see why. You feel like you are somewhere in Europe, not in a part of China.

This is the Post Office Building right at the entrance to Senado Square.

The Holy House of Mercy. It used to be a clinic.

The white building facing the Square is Leal Senado. It used to be the Legislative Assembly of Macau. Now it houses the Institute of Civic and Municipal Affairs (kind of like a city council).

St. Dominic's Church, a handsome and ornate building right at the end of the Square.

Although Senado Square can feel a bit contrived - kind of like a stage set, what's great is that a whole heritage area has been conserved and all the buildings have been adopted for new uses instead of just being left as museum pieces. Sometimes, walking around, you can really feel what it must have been like in the old days.


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