Macau - Fisherman's Wharf

The Fisherman's Wharf is a theme park that is located opposite Sands Hotel and Casino on Macau Peninsula. Unlike other theme parks where you have to pay to enter, this one is free. Yet the strange thing is, there didn't seem to be anybody around.The whole place was so empty, it felt like an empty stage set !

The concept for the place was sensible enough - build a family oriented theme park and the crowd would come. Problem is - Macau isn't exactly a place people bring their kids, at least not yet. Most visitors come here for the casinos, which is a shame, as Macau really has so much more to offer.

The theme park is divided into several sections - Tang Dynasty Wharf with its Chinese historical theme, East Meets West with its fantasy theme complete with an erupting "volcano", and Legend Wharf with buildings depicting different parts of the world. As Tang Dynasty and East Meets West seemed to be abandoned, we took a walk around Legend Wharf.

The buildings all look quite authentic, and in the evening light there was a certain charm about the place. Its a pity most of the shops were unoccupied. This looked like a failed project, quite unexpected in Macau.

You could be in Italy, Amsterdam, or New Orleans, all within a few minutes walk from each other.

After all the effort made and the money spent, it would be a great pity if this place doesn't make it. It was a noble effort to transform Macau into more then a casino haven.


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