Eating in Macau - First Supper

Our flight to Macau was re-sheduled to late afternoon, so after the 4 hour flight from Kuching it was already quite late by the time we arrived at the hotel. The Air Asia flight was smooth and pleasant, and food options are getting better. We had some snacks in-flight, but still felt a little bit famished. After a short walk from the hotel, we found this little corner food shop. We were attracted by the hot steam from the stalls. Though this was late Spring in Macau, it was still a bit cold.

A fruit stall nearby still doing business close to midnight.

The stall serves mainly noodles. Though it was late, there was still a steady stream of customers buying takeaway. We decided to order a beef noodle and a prawn dumpling soup.

The beef noodle was very good. The broth was beefy with just a hint of spices, and the beef slices very tender.

The prawn dumpling soup was also just as good. The dumplings were filled with crunchy fresh prawns and pork - very nice bite, sweet and succulent.

This was a good start to our Macau adventure.


Kristopher said…
nice travelogue...

we might be in the same plane to Macau.

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