Macau Casinos - The Grand Lisbao

Love it or hate it - the Grand Lisbao is without a doubt the most iconic building in Macau. With its onion bulb base and curved plant-like tower – it looks like a gigantic metallic transformer with a life of its own. Undoubtedly Feng Shui had a lot to do with it’s shape, and if you look carefully - the design at the main entrance look uncannily like huge swords - strategic elements which diminish the chances of anyone ever coming out ahead ?

The lobby is very grand with high ceilings and lots of gold trims. It has an overall kitschy look and feel about it. There are lots of priceless Chinese antiques which are displayed in glass cases. I found these a lot more interesting then the building itself.

At night – the whole building comes alive with a coloured light show built into the fa├žade. It is quite a fascinating sight.


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