Macau - Snack Street at Senado Square

If you walk from Senado Square to the Ruins of St. Paul's, you would have passed through this narrow alley chock-a-block full of souvenir and snack shops. This small alley must be the busiest street in the whole of Macau.

The most popular souvenirs in Macau are not tourist trinkets, but the local snacks - especially pastries. A whole tourist industry has grown around these popular snacks, and now you will find pastry shops all over the island. But here the experience of pushing through the crowds and going cockeyed due to the sheer number of shops is unbeatable. Whats more, you get to sample the goods before you buy. Most of the shops are very generous with the samples, they will give you a whole piece of pastry to try - not just a tiny bit.

They are literally shoving samples in your face !

Macau is also famous for these dried sweet meats. The varieties here are amazing - and you can sample to your heart's content. I find the pork fillet and the veal ones with pepper really great. I think I must have sampled around 200 g of the stuff walking up and down the street !

According to most bloggers, Koi Kei is one of the best pastry shops in Macau, and I tend to agree. Their snacks are great, and their egg tarts simply wonderful !

You will regret it if you don't bring some snacks back home. They are really delicious, and make you want to go back to Macau.


Ryan said…
When Iam abroad I try to take in everything about the culture, I would love to visit this street, looks amazing.
Looks like everything you need for shopping and foods are found in this street. All people are busy and I also want to visit this place.
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