Eating in Macau - Crab Porridge

Many Bloggers have waxed rhapsodic about Macau's Crab Porridge, so we were looking out for a place to try this delicacy. We found a small eatery near our hotel which lists crab porridge as one of their specialties, so we were in luck. The place was a bit dingy - which is quite typical of small little eateries in Macau or Hong Kong. That didn't put us off as it was quite full with locals, always a sign that we are on to something good.

The small alleyway near our hotel where we found the eatery.

From the menus pasted on the walls, they must have like hundreds of items. We stuck with the crab porridge, ordered another porridge with minced pork and century eggs, and some siew mai.

The crab porridge was very good ! It had the right consistency of Cantonese porridge - tgooey but not too thick. The porridge was seasoned with fish stock, a bit of ginger, and the sweetness of the whole crab inside. The crab was a bit small, but its job was really just to impart its flavour.

The minced pork porridge was also not bad - quite typical of this long time favourite.

The low point was the siew mai which tasted a bit stale. They could have been store bought.

Crab porridge is one of those things which you must try when in Macau. It is not easy to find, but well worth the search.


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