Kuching Hotels - Grand Margherita Hotel

The first International hotel in Kuching was the Holiday Inn. It occupied a building which was purpose-built for it next to the riverbank. Being the first International standard hotel in town, many Kuchingites have fond memories of the establishment, as it used to be the only place to get a decent Western meal. The coffeehouse - Orchid Garden, was a very popular local institution.

About a year ago the Holiday Inn was re-branded as Grand Margherita under the owner's management, after extensive renovations of the lobby and coffeehouse. The design is now more up-to-date, but some people might miss the old "ethnic" feel of the hotel. The new design follows the trend of modern clean-line aesthetics. I can't help feeling that the new design is a bit soul-less. There aren't enough visual cues to remind guests that this is a hotel in Kuching, one of the most interesting historic cities in South-East Asia.

External view of the hotel.

The renovated lobby.

Reception area.

Grand Margherita is very well located at the Golden Triangle in Kuching. It is right next to the Kuching Waterfront which connects to Main Bazaar and Gambier Street - the historical part of Kuching town. After the renovation the hotel feels fresh, and yet still retains a bit of its original charm. It is a good option for both business and leisure travelers.


Rodz Nocturne said…
Wow, this hotel really have change inside. Have not been staying here for a very long time.
Borneoboy said…
Ya. Its a big change. Looks more up to date now.
Wow it certainly has changed so much! I remember having halal yumcha there!

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