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I've been on the road for the past few weeks. Just got back from Hong Kong and Macau on a family holiday, then off to Shenzhen and Dongguan for about a week for work. Look out for my posts on these fascinating cities. But first, back to hometown Kuching. It's been a while.

Kuching is slowly waking up to the potential of tourism, and some interesting accommodations have been cropping up recently. One of the latest is the Batik Boutique Hotel, located at the top end of Padungan Road near Kuching's Golden Triangle. It is right next to the famous No. 1 Barbecue Char Siew Shop. From here, it is within easy walking distance to Hilton, Pullman Hotel, Kuching Waterfront and the historical Main Bazaar and Carpenter Street.

The hotel is converted form a 4-storey shophouse. The interior has been gutted and an atrium inserted in the middle of the building to provide light and ventilation. The lobby and circulation spaces are not air-conditioned.

The ground floor reception is done up like a bar which doubles as the reception counter. Floors are in bare concrete with coloured tile inserts. The hotel has a general cool vibe about it.

Rooms are on the 1st to 3rd floor which are connected with a single lift.

On the whole the hotel is quite nicely done - the main flaw being the atrium which let in too much heat making some of the internal spaces quite warm even at night. This could be easily remedied by blocking off the direct sun and installing better ventilation. Visitors to Kuching now have another interesting option instead of a standard hotel. Rates are around RM 250.00 per night. For more details visit their Web Site - Batik Boutique Hotel.


Ting Sie Yew said…
ooo....nice deco in front of the hotel....i thought is a boutique...never knew it's a hotel....
theeggyolks said…
wow! it looks nice for both exterior and interior :D
Borneoboy said…
Yes this is a nice addition to the hotel options in Kuching. Just hope they can sort out the ventilation issue in the circulation areas.
Anonymous said…
more hotel at:

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