Chiang Mai Hotels & Resorts - The Chedi

The Chedi is another one of Chiang Mai's iconic luxury resorts. Designed by Kerry Hill of Aman fame, it has become an architectural destination for design aficionados. The resort is located along the Mai Ping River, not far from the old town centre.

The design of the hotel is modern and contemporary, but a predominance of wood used in the finishing gives it a softer and warmer look compared to other more pared down Modernist resorts. An old Colonial mansion in the middle of the compound has been preserved and restored to become the centre piece. It also accommodates some of the F&B facilities.

Rooms are in 4-storey accommodation blocks wrapped around a very large courtyard. As is typical of Kerry Hill's projects, the design is very understated and elegant. His resorts are always a lesson in good taste and doing more with less.

The Chedi's swimming pool is probably the most well-known part of the resort. It has been featured in countless travel magazines and advertisements, and much copied around the world. It is an amazing visual delight created just using clean lines, proportions and a limited palette of materials.

The Chedi is truly a design icon and an example of the best that luxury travel has to offer. Rates are surprisingly affordable, starting at around THB 4,500 (after discounts) for a Deluxe Room. It should definitely be at the top of your list should you visit Chiang Mai.


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