Eating in Chiang Mai - Dinner at Aroon Rai Restaurant

I've walked past this restaurant several times as it is located along Kotchasan Road just beside Tha Phae Gate. It looked simple, but there was always quite a lot of people during lunch or dinner time. They serve pre-cooked food as well as a la carte orders.

As this was my last dinner in Chiang Mai, I decided to go for some Spicy Chiang Mai Sausages which I loved, Khao Soi, and a first taste for me - Ginger Pork Curry. The sausages were great - meaty, aromatic and not too spicy. You can see all the herbs used in the sausage which gave it that unique aromatic taste.

The Khao Soi was one of the best I had in Chiang Mai. Mild, slightly sweet with hints of all the spices. Very nice.

The revelation was the Ginger Pork Curry. The pork was cooked till fork tender, and infused fully with the ginger and spices, giving it a subtle heat. This is comfort food at its best.

Aroon Rai Restaurant
was one of my surprise discoveries in Chiang Mai. It looks unassuming, but they are really serious about their food. Wish I had more time to try all the other dishes.


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