Chiang Mai Hotels & Resorts - The Four Seasons

I only have a few more posts on Chiang Mai to go on, and as usual I have saved the best for last. The next few posts are going to be about the best and most interesting resorts in Chiang Mai, and The Four Seasons is undoubtedly one of the best. Located in the beautiful Mae Rim Valley, it is about 30 min from Chiang Mai Town.

The resort was designed by famed architect and landscape designer team Bunnag and Bensley. It bears their signature touch of lush landscaping and fantasy-themed architecture. Here, the design is a little bit more restrained then usual, and the resort benefited from this understated approach.

The centre piece of the design is the rice field which is the first thing you see from the lobby. It is truly a beautiful sight, with the Chiang Mai mountains in the background. The facilities include a spa, a cooking school, several restaurants, and a beautiful main pool.

The architecture is based on the Northern Thailand Lanna Style - modernized and refined for a luxury resort. Most of the buildings are nestled in the hills among the trees, and the overall ambiance is very green and relaxed. Once you come here, you may never want to leave !

The rates at The Four Seasons are not cheap, but at around THB 20,000 per night it is reasonable compared to many other resorts of the same calibre. If you can afford it, you are guaranteed a memorable experience. I couldn't afford to stay there, and sadly had to leave at the end of my too-short visit.


msihua said…
Very nice pictures =)
Borneoboy said…
Thank you. The resort is really beautiful.

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