Chiang Mai - Tiger Kingdom

One of the latest attractions in Chiang Mai is Tiger Kingdom. Located in Mae-Rim, about 10 kms from town, Tiger Kingdom is basically a petting zoo filled with tigers of various ages. Once you arrive, you will be presented with different options. Petting sessions with baby tigers are the cheapest, and the price goes up with the age and size of the tigers.

The place is very nicely done up. The main reception complex surrounds a central courtyard where some of the petting sessions are held, so even casual visitors get a good view of whats going on. There is also a cafe and restaurant on the side with good views of the courtyard.

Depending on what you think about this kind of enterprise - you either love it or you hate it ! According to the operators, the tigers are very well treated here, and they are helping to provide a sanctuary for the tigers - albeit in captivity.

The lobby where you will be presented with various "packages".
The cafe with great views to the courtyard.

The courtyard where the main action is.

A visit to Tiger Kingdom is probably included as part of the itinerary of many of the day tours. You could either choose to participate, or sit it out like me. You could still enjoy the views at the courtyard.


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