Eating in Chiang Mai - Lunch at The Four Seasons

Before I start on the next group of posts on Chiang Mai resorts, some more about the food. I visited the Four Seasons Chiang Mai around noon time. The resort was every bit as magical as I thought it would be, and after spending some time wondering around I was getting really famished. I decided to have lunch at the cafe, knowing that it would cost me a bomb.

There are many dining options at the Four Seasons, but most of them seem to be geared towards the dinner crowd. The only viable option for lunch was at the cafe. It had a nice view of the rice terraces which is the centre piece of the resort.

Not feeling like anything too spicy, I ordered a Pomelo Salad with Prawns and a Thai Crispy Noodle with Silky Sauce. The Pomelo Salad was easily the best I've tasted. It had a nice balance of flavours, and really fresh ingredients. Besides the usual sweet and sour notes, there was also a savouriness imparted by grated dried shrimps.

The Crispy Noodles was nothing unusual, but again perfectly done with the freshest ingredients. Nice tender slices of beef and chicken helped to elevate this simple dish to a different level.

These 2 simple dishes cost me around 1,000 Thb, easily the most expensive lunch I had in Chiang Mai. For the quality, experience and the setting though - it was worth it.


Life Coaching said…
It's refreshing to see the greener side of Chiang Mai. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the "Somtam Guy," when we are in the region later this year.

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