Chiang Mai Hill Tribe Tour - Part III

With so many visitors coming to visit the Hill Tribes, tourism has inevitably become a big part of their lives. The more enterprising ones have begun to supplement their income by selling souvenirs to tourists, and when you visit the villages you are bound to come across young Lisu or Akha boys and girls selling small souvenirs or asking for money to have their pictures taken. They are not as pushy and persistent as the ones in Bali that I have come across. Their always smiling faces could melt even the most stony heart. Be generous and buy some of the souvenirs which are mostly very reasonably priced, and a lot of hard work had gone into producing them.

Whats great about Chiang Mai is that even if you decide not to buy anything, you won't get a scolding or sour face - unlike some other places I've visited.

These brick houses built on ground belong to the Lisu Tribe.

Some of them have converted to Christianity.

The are Akha houses - also built on stilts like the Karen houses.

In between work - time for a break.

The beautiful countryside and surroundings. The natural landscape of northern Thailand is breathtaking.


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