Eating in Kuching - Lunch at Rumah Hijau Cafe

We have passed through this cute looking eatery many times but never had the opportunity to try it. One recent Sunday we made it a point to go there. Rumah Hijau Cafe is converted from a corner and intermediate terrace house. It serves a variety of Malay-Indian Food.

We ordered the Roti Chanai - very cheap at RM 1.00 each, and it was good - light and fluffy, not oily at all.

The Nasi Lemak Ayam Penyet is a twist on traditional Nasi Lemak - served with Indonesian fried chicken. The chicken was really good - well seasoned with spices and herbs, crispy outside but still tender inside. What I loved were the crispy bits of herbs and spices piled on top of the chicken which were so tasty !

The Nasi Beriani Ayam Madu was also good. Traditional Beriani Basmati Rice served with a honey-flavored chicken confit. It came with some side garnish of pickle vegetables and onions. Nice.

The assam laksa is one of the better ones in Kuching. The sauce is thick and flavourful, had an clean and fresh taste. It still can't rival the original in Penang or KL, but good enough to satisfy the craving.

Prices at Rumah Hijau are very affordable - the place is nicely decorated, and service is quite good. Highly recommended.


What a charming little place..the food looks good too!
Borneoboy said…
Ya 3HT. This is one of the rare finds in Kuching.
Anonymous said…
Any map or address?
j said…
Yes, Borneoboy, do tell us where is Rumah Hijau? I would like to drop in there when I return to KCH in May.
Known said…
Sound like a great place to dine in!

Please email me the address. I am visiting Kuching next week. Thanks you.
Anonymous said…
kindof interesting...want to try it out!

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