Chiang Mai Hotels & Resorts - The Veranda

If you are heading to Chiang Mai, don't miss a visit to Veranda - The High Resort. It is the latest luxury resort in Chiang Mai, and also the most breath-taking. Veranda is located on a valley slope in Hang Dong, about 30 min drive from the old town. Clear vistas of the beautiful mountains and valleys are what set this resort apart from others.

The design of the resort is modern contemporary, but with touches of tropical architecture in the details. The most unique part of the resort is the lobby - an open pavilion with an oval-shaped curved roof. The main structure of the roof is made entirely of timber, and is covered in timber shingles. It is a bold architectural statement and a stunning welcome to the resort.

The main landscape feature here - like The Four Seasons, are the rice fields, only here they are not rice but pretty little yellow flowers and native plants. Because of the hill side location, the fields are terraced and even more beautiful. The landscape is very natural and immaculately maintained throughout.

There are two main types of accommodations - rooms in 3-storey terraced blocks, and individual 2-storey villas. I find the 3-storey blocks more interesting - there is a roof terrace above the lowest level which double as a roof garden, and the 1st level rooms have a reflecting pool next to the individual balcony terraces. Very sophisticated and thoughtful design.

Most of the facilities are in a multi-storey block near the lobby complex. These include a spa, gym, bar, restaurants, and an infinity pool right at the top with breath-taking views of the mountains.

Rates are The Veranda are actually very reasonable. You can get internet rates starting from around THB 3,500 (about 25% discount) per night. That is a steal for a resort of this quality.


Will keep this suggestions in mind. Do you know where they got those structured daybeds? They look fantastic.
Scho said…
Reminds me of Damai, Kuching but I know the weather there in Chiang Mai is cooler. Great professional architecture.
Borneoboy said…
Veranda is one of the most beautiful resorts in Chiang Mai. Definitely miles ahead of Damai !
Katlyn said…
Looks great! I would love to stay at one of these types of Chiang Mai Thailand hotels.

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