Eating in Kuching - Breakfast at Seng Yuen Food Centre

I have been to this coffeeshop many times before, but never posted on it. It is about time I thought. This coffee shop is famous for its bak kut teh and kueh chap. It used to be easy to get good bak kut teh in Kuching, but somehow many of the good stalls have closed or lost their touch. This remains one of the better ones.

The style of the bak kut teh here is more of the clear soup type. If you like the thick and heavy soup of the Klang Style, then this is not for you. Slight hints of Chinese herbs and pepper, sweetness of the pork ribs, quite nice and tasty.

I also like the porridge here. As far as I know, this is the only place in Kuching which serves Pork and Cuttlefish Porridge - a common and popular dish in Singapore. This is a thick porride, topped with minced pork cooked in soy sauce, and cuttlefish is added to give it the extra “umami” taste. A dish that is simple yet satisfying.

Seng Yuen is located at Sekama Road, near the junction to Pending Road. It is not difficult to find - just behind the Hong Leong Bank block at the corner of Pending and Sekama Road.


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