Kuching Travel - Siar Beach Resort

Siar Beach Resort is one of the oldest resorts in the Lundu area. I have stayed there a few times many years ago. The accommodation is extremely basic. It is alright if you are just using it as a base for other activities, or if you are young and carefree. As a place for a relaxing break it probably won't cut it.

The resort has been upgraded somewhat in recent years. There are now 2 and 3-room chalets for families. They are much better then before, but still pretty basic. There is a canteen where you can order simple meals, but it is better to organize your own food - especially a barbecue on the beach.

The beach is just right in front of the resort. You can also take a walk to explore other resorts and lodgings in the area. During low tide, the sea is quite far out. The large expanse of sandy beach is great for beach activities and flying kites.

This is another basic lodging next door called "The Red House".


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