Kuching Travel - Lundu Town

Lundu Town is the gateway to Pandan Beach and Siar Beach. Due to the new road, the town sometimes gets by-passed. It is worth a visit as this is one of those typical old towns in Sarawak with wooden shophouses around a square. The oldest part of town is still intact - though the centre town square has been redeveloped into a monumental park, which is a pity as it would have been much better kept as an open space without the obtrusive structures.

Due to it's popularity with local visitors, Lundu town has grown to more then double it's original size. It is quite common now for Kuchingites to take a leisurely weekend drive to Lundu for the beaches, seafood, and the Gunung Gading National Park where you could see the famous Rafflesia flower (only if you are lucky !), or take a hike up the hill to several beautiful waterfalls.

As Lundu is near the sea, fishing is one of the main activities here and you could find some really fresh and cheap seafood at the markets. When in season, you could buy buckets of baby shrimps which are used to make "Chinchalok", a local preserved delicacy which is very appetizing. It can be served as a condiment with some shalots, lime juice and chili, or used in stir-fry with pork or chicken. So if you decide to make a visit to Lundu, be sure to bring along some buckets. Who knows you might get lucky !


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