Eating in Kuching - Yamisu Tea House

Lovers of dim sum in Kuching finally have a proper place to go. It's a new dim sum-centric restaurant at 101, the cluster of shops along the Kuching-airport road.

The restaurant is modeled after popular Hong Kong style Chinese restaurants which you find all over Asia - an open dining area, a counter serving roast meats, and a snacks area with a few choices of fried and baked dim sums. The selection of dim sums is not very extensive, but at least they are served on push-carts like in a proper Hong Kong dim sum restaurant. Part of the fun of the dim sum experience is to see the items before ordering, but the fun is tempered here somewhat by the limited choices.

The quality of the dim sums here are quite ordinary, but they are already some of the best you'll get in Kuching.

The stand out here is this baked sweet potato with a cheesy crust. They reminded me of the delicious baked sweet potatoes I had in Beijing. Very yummy !

Dim sum in Kuching is usually a disappointing experience. At least now you have a place for a reasonable dim sum breakfast, but due to the limited choices you need to augment the meal somewhat from the a la carte menu.


boo_licious said…
Wow, very unique dim sum you have in Sarawak. Haven't come across sweet potatoes being offered in KL's dim sum menus before.
Borneoboy said…
Yeah. These are really deliciuos too ! But for sheer variety and quality, we really can't beat KL.
Nate-n-Annie said…
How it it compared to Causeway Bay in Crown Square?
Borneoboy said…
It's better then Causeway Bay.
Anonymous said…
wow it's delicious .. is it near to the airport? walking distance?
Borneoboy said…
It's not walking distance form the airport. You will need to drive, it's about 4 km from the airport.

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