Eating in Kuching - Lunch at The Sarawak Golf Club Samarahan

The Sarawak Golf Club is an off-shoot of the Sarawak Club in Kuching town. Long ago Sarawak Club used to have a golf course - it was in fact the first golf course in Kuching, possibly Sarawak. Some years back it was removed to make way for the Kuching Civic Centre and the Amphitheatre. As the golf course was sitting on government land, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Since then the Club had lost it's golf course - until now. Under a joint-venture with the University Sarawak, the Club has developed a new golf course - complete with a clubhouse - in Samarahan, next to the university.

It is a 20 min. drive from Kuching, really very near but some people have complained about the distance. Kuchingites are really a spoilt bunch.

As I am not yet a golfer, I am more interesting in things other then golf. The new clubhouse has a salt-water pool which I have yet to try, a shiny new gym, and most importantly, a cafe ! More good news - the cafe is run by George and Roselyn of The Junk Restaurant. Serving a mixture of light Thai food and local favourites, this has become one of my favourite places for Sunday brunch.

The cafe is on a upper terrace overlooking the golf course.

There is also an air-conditioned area in the bar.

Most of the Thai dishes here are very good. My favourite is the Kuih Tiaw Ratna. The flat rice noodles are deep fried until crispy and served in a light savoury sauce with seafood, chicken and vegies. I particularly like to eat the crispy noodles on its own before lapping up the sauce.

The Thai beef salad is also very good - thick slices of beef on greens with a sweet and sour dressing.
The Nasi Lemak is more of a deluxe version.

While Club members can sign off their bills, the Cafe also takes cash or credit cards so non-members can also dine here. It is highly recommended for the nice and reasonably priced food, and the views are an added bonus.


SCLY said…
hey cw, since you like raat nar,i've make a mean one check it out :)
beef pho on the way

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